How to Survive Transitions

The week before we moved to Dallas, I started my work-from-home career using the coffee table as my workstation and then quickly downgraded to a folding beach chair once the coffee table and couch were sold. We had been sleeping on an air mattress since our Uhaul Pod shipped all of our belongings to Texas the week before and the silly slumber party vibe that ensued quickly became old. My husband had to travel for work the week before the move and I was left feeling like I was on no-mans-land without a car, no pictures on the wall, and my few remaining clean clothes scattered on the floor around the now sinking air mattress.

Unfortunately this feeling of bare boned emptiness did not change even after we arrived to our new apartment. I was happy to upgrade our sleeping conditions to a real mattress again, I was still frustrated to have nowhere to sit and work or relax. On top of that, my husband promptly went to the office on Monday following our Saturday move and I again felt isolated and stranded in yet another empty apartment while he was away.

One night during our first week in Dallas, I called my friends back home and told them how I was feeling and they sent me letters and flowers that made me feel better. I also started hanging out with my husbands work friends and they quickly became mine as well. Slowly I was building a social network and routine. Even before our new furniture arrived I started to feel at home in Dallas and in our apartment, new experiences were filling our empty house.

That said, totally changing where you live, how you work, and going without normalcy during times of transition is hard. But breaking out of your comfort zone gives you a lot of room to grow. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed after a big transition but remember to lean on your support systems, be open to new experiences, and decorate your life with change.

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